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Moscow Mules

You may have been reading our other posts about Moscow Mule drinks and the importance of the quality of the ingredients. Or, you may just be wondering where to buy ginger beer or what brand to buy. In this post we review four different brands of ginger beer and give our opinions so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Remember that this is just our opinion and is based on our personal tastes. You might find that you love one that we don’t and that is fine. It is really all about what you like. Overall, consider this a starting point for your exploration on your own personal Moscow Mule journey.

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The good thing is that most ginger beers come in 12 ounce containers so we suggest you start by buying just one or two of each and experiment until you find the one you like best. You can even make a party of it with friends voting on the different brands.

We based our findings mainly on flavor. We also looked at the ingredients, particularly the additives (for those of you who like to keep things as healthy as possible). If you don’t care about that information just ignore it but we felt we needed to add it due to the increasing awareness of additives in our food.

We didn’t factor in price because they were all similar and the price can vary depending on where you buy it. We purchased from a local liquor store and from our local co-op (in search of a healthier option).

So, here we go:


Gosling Ginger Beer – 12 oz can

This is the sweetest of the four brands and in our opinion it is too sweet. It comes in a 12oz can. It has a good gingery flavor but we feel that it is overpowered by the sugary taste. What is of more concern is that the sugar is in the form of high fructose corn syrup, which is a highly controversial ingredient due to health issues. We didn’t like this one.


Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer – 12 oz can

This brand takes its name from the Cock ‘n Bull Bar which is where the original Moscow Mule drink was invented. This one is also very sweet, but the store owner said it was popular so there must be a lot of sweet tooths out there. They proudly state that it is made in the USA using ‘real sugar’, obviously aware of the controversy surrounding other sweeteners. While taking the high moral ground by using terms like natural flavors they do add caramel color, which is also controversial.


Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew – 12 oz bottle

We got this one from our local co-op in the hope of finding a good tasting healthy version of ginger beer. It uses natural ingredients with no artificial additives so we were hopeful that it would taste great too. Unfortunately we were quite disappointed.

In an effort to make it healthy it is sweetened with cane sugar, pineapple juice and honey with lime and lemon juice. It has a good gingery flavor but the pineapple and honey flavors dominate and, to us, it lacked a true ginger beer flavor.



Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer – 6.8oz bottle

This one is our favorite one flavor wise though it is more expensive than all the others and comes in a 6.8oz bottle, which is small in comparison to the others that are in 12oz containers.

It has a good gingery flavor and is not too sweet. It uses cane sugar as the sweetener and doesn’t appear to have any nasty ingredients though these could be hidden under the term ‘natural flavors’. Overall, it’s a great choice.



The Fever Tree was our personal preference and would be the best choice for those that don’t like their drinks too sweet. At 6.8oz you only get about one and a half Moscow Mules per bottle so you need to plan your quantities accordingly.

The Cock and Bull would be a good choice for those of you who like your drinks sweeter and the Reed’s would be good for those that are prepared to sacrifice the real ginger beer flavor for healthy ingredients. Or you may even really like it. As we mentioned, it is all about personal taste.

We would love to hear from you and about your favorite choices from this list, or if you have a favorite that you would like to share.

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