How can I take care of my copper mugs?

Since these are Authentic Pure Copper Mugs with no inner tin or nickel lining, it is normal for them to tarnish a little over time as they undergo normal use. You can prevent this by washing them with mild soap after you use them and making sure to dry them thoroughly using a soft cloth to prevent water spots.

Copper-Moscow-Mules-on-tableIf normal tarnishing does happen over time, you can clean your mugs using homemade or commercial copper cleaners that are easy to apply. You can find out more about how to take care of copper in this article (LINK TO BLOG POST How to Care for Copper Mugs to keep them Shiny and Beautiful)

Are these copper mugs dishwasher safe?

Copper mugs should NOT be put in the Dishwasher. Just wash them using mild soap and dry them using a soft cloth.

Are copper mugs microwave safe?

These Mugs are made of Copper, as with all metal products, they are NOT for Microwave use.

Why are they made of Copper?

There are three main reasons copper mugs are the ‘go to vessel’ for Moscow Mules. They are taste, temperature and ‘the experience’.
Let’s begin with taste. It has been claimed that when the citrus lime touches the copper it creates an oxidation process that enhances the overall flavor of cold drinks.

This reaction will only happen if you use a 100% copper mug that has no tin or nickel lining and without any lacquer finish. At Lifestyle Banquet we use 100% copper mugs handcrafted in India, with no metal lining or any other coating to detract from the ultimate Moscow Mule experience.

Now let’s look at temperature. Copper keeps drinks super cold and has a tendency to increase the fizziness of carbonated drinks, making our beautiful mugs the perfect container for numerous chilled cocktails in addition to Moscow Mules.

Last but not least, the experience! Using your authentic Moscow Mule mugs is fun, festive and makes for great social interaction. 100% copper mugs are hands down the best way to enjoy your Moscow Mule and they are a fantastic conversation starter.

Can you use these mugs with hot drinks?

Our Copper Mugs have a superior thermal conductivity, which allows them to keep drinks cold for a longer time when compared with regular mugs.

However, because of their thermal characteristics it is advisable to avoid using them with hot drinks because the Copper can become very hot. Besides being a great mug for keeping drinks cold, there are many studies that talk about the health benefits of drinking water from 100% copper mugs you may want to review in case you are interested in the topic.

Where are Mountain Mugs made?

Our mugs are handcrafted in India using high quality pure copper. Although each piece is one of a kind, they all undergo a rigorous quality control process to make sure they meet the standards our customers deserve.

Is Lifestyle Banquet an American or an Indian Company?

We are an American company based in the beautiful state of Montana. If you have a question, or you have a problem with your mug, you can contact us here in the US and we will do our best to make things right. Happy customers are the lifeblood of our business and we work hard to make sure all our customers are satisfied with their purchases.

What’s the Story behind Moscow Mules?

A classic American cocktail, the Moscow Mule has nothing to do with Moscow or mules. History has it that in 1941 a spirits vendor called John G. Martin had a large supply of vodka that was not selling.

One day he lamented his problems as he talked to Jack Morgan, the owner of a bar known as Cock ‘n’ Bull in L.A. who had a similar problem with ginger beer that he could not sell. That day, during an afternoon drinking session with a bartender at hand, the Moscow Mule was born.

Although it is not as clearly documented, the story goes that they teamed up with another (unnamed) person who had a supply of copper mugs that weren’t selling and they came up with a great marketing strategy.

The copper mug is now synonymous with the Moscow Mule cocktail as well as having fun and enjoying social activities with friends.

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