How to Decorate your Kitchen Counter with a Unique Copper Utensil Holder (so it looks Organized and Pretty!)


In this short article we will talk about the Giant Moscow Mule Copper Utensil Holder for Kitchen Counters by Lifestyle Banquet.

Watch the video below or read the transcript to go over the details and related information.



Our copper crock originally started as an ice bucket but we found so many people who loved to add a copper decor theme to their kitchen and are really into kitchen decor items that are memorable and are a conversation starter while enhancing their kitchen at the same time.

This is what our Copper Utensil crock looks like:


So, not only does it do all those things I just mentioned, but it is also huge and you can fit lots of kitchen utensils in it. We even put barbecue tools in it on occasion (it’s huge!)

Because of the thick copper plates used by our artisan manufacturers in India our hammered copper utensil holder is very durable and heavy enough to be stable on your counter even if you add lots of metallic cooking tools or copper utensils.

The thing people love about it most is that it has a really wide neck so you can get your larger utensils in and it also comes with 10 solid brass hooks you can use them to hang smaller items around the edge as you can see here:


We love our copper kitchen counter decor utensil crock and we’ve had fabulous reviews on it from previous buyers. Here are a few of them:



If you’re interested in finding more about our Utensil Holder, you can visit us on Amazon over here:



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