How to Use The 2-Step Lifestyle Banquet Wine Glass Polishing Cloth System


In this blog post we will talk about our wine glass polishing cloth system and how you can use it to clean your wine glasses at home. Our simple 2-step method saves you time and effort and eliminates the need for steaming your glassware. Each cloth is purpose-specific to simplify the process and the set comes with complete instructions on how to use our system to keep your glassware sparkling and streak-free.


Watch the video below or read the transcript to go over the details and related information.




When you purchase it, this is how it comes in a nice crystal display box making it perfect for gifts:


What you get inside is 3 different items. First, our utility cloth which is a simple cloth you can use as a bar cloth for mopping up spills, wiping your hands or you can use it as a pouring cloth to place it around the neck of a wine bottle to stop drips when pouring.  

Then comes the real magic. This is our damping cloth and it reduces or eliminates the need to steam wine glasses which can be time consuming and messy, having to fill bowls with steaming water. So, all we need to do with the damping cloth is just wet it, wring it (not twisting, just wring it) and it’s the perfect amount of moisture for damping your glasses to make polishing easy and really brings your glasses out to a brilliant shine.

Both cloths (the utility cloth and the damping cloth) are 12 inches by 12 inches which makes them the perfect size for cleaning your glassware.

Finally, we have the 3rd piece on our set. The polishing cloth is considerably larger at 19 by 24 inches and the reason for that is when you’re polishing a wine glass you want to be able to hold it in one hand and polish with the other in order to avoid replacing fingerprints on a glass that you’ve just cleaned and to clean spots when needed.

That’s it for our system. It’s super simple, super quick. It eliminates the need for steaming your glasses and leaves everything sparkling, clean, no streaks, no lipstick marks, no stains, just clean glasses ready to be used with your best wine at home!


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