How to Polish Glassware using the Lifestyle Banquet 2-Step Barware Polishing Cloth System


In this blog post we will talk about the LifestyleBanquet 2-Step Barware Polishing Cloth System and we will explain what’s included in it and how to use it.  


Watch the video below or read the transcript to go over the details and related information.


It is an innovative approach designed to save you a lot of time and leaves all of your barware sparkling clean. 

If you’re having a fun night with friends creating cocktails you’ll want to make sure your barware looks great, that your bottles and glassware is polished nicely as well as your bar accessories because often when they’ve been in the dishwasher they come out with a few marks and streaks.


Our system gets rid of them in a blink and leaves you with really shiny lint-free tools, accessories and glassware. 


What’s Included? 

What you get in the LifestyleBanquet 2-Step Barware Polishing Cloth System includes the Barware Damping Cloth that comes with a lovely photo of a margarita printed on it. 


The Barware Damping Cloth:

This is a very fine microfiber cloth that when you wet it and wring it very tight (never twist wring, just squeeze) works almost like steaming the glasses, which is what a lot of wine buffs insist is the only way, but this is our simple way. You just merely lightly dampen the glasses with the Barware Damping Cloth and then immediately polish them with our much larger barware polishing cloth.


The Barware Polishing Cloth:

This is an ultra-fine microfiber cloth that’s designed for wine glasses, barware, stainless steel, and you can actually even use it on things like glass stove tops and it’s absolutely wonderful for eyeglasses (I know!)

Using the Damping Cloth and Polishing Cloth together after only a few seconds will get you sparkling barware and you’ll have a great night. 

You may wonder “Why is the Polishing Cloth black?” That is mainly because you will use your barware polishing cloths publicly when you are with friends and you’ve got your glasses and everyone is drinking, you’re playing the host and you’re the bartender, and because of this, over time the polishing cloths are going to get stained with red wine stains, lipstick stains and all sorts of little bits and pieces and the beauty of a dark color is that these stains will not be visible so you’ll be proud to bring it out and use it publicly. 

The last element of the system, which is very important is the Wash Bag. You may wonder “What on earth do we have a wash bag for?” and the reason is that the microfiber in the cloths is such a fine weave, and we don’t want to be adding lint to our glassware and barware. We want to be removing it. So, if you get our very fine cloths and put them in the washing machine with things like towels or other lint producing things it’s going to reduce their efficiency. So, we include a nice little mesh wash bag and that way they can go into your washing machine and they can always be ready for you.

Both polishing cloths come fully stitched and they come in a fabulous little plastic box which makes them a nice little gift if you’re looking for a gift under 25 dollars for someone who’s got everything but enjoys wine or cocktails.


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