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16 oz Solid Moscow Mule Copper Mugs (Set of 2 in Satin-lined Gift Box)
16 oz Solid Moscow Mule Copper Mugs (Set of 2 in Satin-lined Gift Box)
16 oz Solid Moscow Mule Copper Mugs (Set of 2 in Satin-lined Gift Box)
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16 oz Solid Moscow Mule Copper Mugs (Set of 2 in Satin-lined Gift Box)

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  • Capacity: Holds 16 ounces of your delicious cold drink of choice
  • Height: 3 ¾ inches high
  • Diameter at the top section of the mug: 3 ¼ inches
  • Diameter at the middle section including handle: 5 ¼ inches
  • Weight of both mugs: 1.7 pounds

Each one of these Copper Mugs is made by skilled artisans in India using solid copper plates and is packaged in a gorgeous satin-lined gift box that can also be used to showcase them at home.

Each cup features a sturdy welded handle that’s easy to hold, prevents your hands from getting too cold, and has been designed to stand the test of time. The welded handles on our Moscow Mule Mugs are superior to riveted handles, which can be hard to clean, attract bacteria, and can cause leaks.


Because they’re made using pure copper with no lining, with our Copper Mugs for Moscow Mules you’ll get to taste the authentic copper to citric acid reaction and fizziness of the original recipe from the 1940s.

These Copper Mugs have a superior thermal conductivity, which allows them to keep drinks cold. However, because of its thermal characteristics, it is advisable to avoid using these mugs with hot drinks because Copper can become very hot.

These Handcrafted Copper Mugs are not just beautiful, they are versatile and practical at the same time. You can use them to consume Moscow Mules as well as all sorts of refreshing drinks. You can even leave them in the Freezer to get a frosted mug and keep your drinks cold for a longer time.


Our mugs are shiny and stunning! While not in use, they can be used as hammered copper kitchen accessories and decor to accentuate your counters and add a splash of color to enhance your home décor. Plus, they are popular 7 year wedding anniversary gifts as well!


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