3 Easy Rustic Copper Decor Ideas for your Home

Copper Decor

Copper continues to be a growing trend in home decor. It adds a touch of color and gracefully changes over time. A question I often get is “what are the best places to buy rustic copper decor?” I wish I could tell you that I get all of my copper décor and cookware from one place, but I don’t. I get inspiration from magazines and online and then search for the items, so in this article I’ll share a few ideas that can get you started along your quest for ideas using some of the items I have found over the years.

Hammered Rustic Copper Utensil Holders:

An organized kitchen is one of the easiest ways to bring harmony to any home. Rustic copper utensil holders are an easy way to add a pop of color to any kitchen countertop. They're practical and designed to make things easier by placing your most commonly used utensils within easy reach.

Our vintage hammered copper utensil crock from India is a lovely alternative to consider: Lifestyle Banquet Copper Utensil Crock

Hammered Copper Flower Vase:

There’s something about flowers that connects with our subconscious and they somehow manage to brighten any room instantly. Adding flowers to a bright copper vase is a simple way to liven up any space. Even something as basic as a Moscow Mule mug like our set of 2 mugs or a solid copper utensil holder may be transformed into a flower vase, as seen here:

hammered copper flower vase

Copper Candle Holders:

Copper candle holders are a great way to glam up any room. There are many ways to create DIY copper candle holders by using copper cups. Our small copper mugs are a fun way to add a playful touch of color (and they can even be an invitation to end up taking shots!)

copper napkin holders

I hope this post has given you some ideas for beautiful antique and modern copper décor for your home sanctuary. Please leave a comment and let us know about other lovely ideas you’d like us to talk about. By the way, we’d really appreciate it if you could share our post on Pinterest. It really helps!

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