70 Easy Cocktail recipes for Mother’s Day (including Sweet Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Kahlua and Tequila Drinks!)


Mother’s Day is almost here, so I decided to gather a list of popular cocktails that can be used to celebrate this special occasion among friends and family. In this article, you’ll find 61 Easy Cocktail recipes for Mother’s Day as well as the steps to make each one of them. Enjoy!

Image credit: Thomas Hawk via Creative Commons

Vodka Cocktail Recipes:

Moscow Mule

The hot summer is approaching quickly! If you want to be prepared for those sunny days, learn how to make cold and refreshing Moscow Mules at home with this quick and instructive video created by Steve the Bartender



Classics are always popular and this easy to follow video made by EarthlingCooks Simone will show you how to make a Screwdriver cocktail in a few easy steps:


White Russian

“The Dude’s” favorite drink (from the film “The Big Lebowski”) is also popular with Mom’s everywhere! This short video by “Cocktails U” will show you all the right “moves”


If you are a fan of the magazine, then you’re going to love the drink. This quick tutorial by The Tipsy Bartender shows you how to do a Real Cosmopolitan and I particularly liked the “secret move” where he uses a piece of orange peel to give it a little extra. Take a look!


Vodka Martini

In this entertaining video, the always charming Jamie Oliver shows us not one, not two, but FOUR different versions of a Vodka Martini. You won’t be bored, take a look:


Rum Cocktail Recipes:


This fabulous video tutorial created by DrinkLab will show you how to make a refreshing drinkable oasis you can hold in your hand during the summer. Here it is:



5 cocktail recipes in 1 video, that’s what you get with this well edited video created by the knowledgeable guys at WebstaurantStore. Recipe 4 is my favorite. Which one is yours?


Piña Colada

There are 2 versions of the timeless classic in this tutorial created by Steve the Bartender I prefer the recipe that uses the blender, how about you? Find out there:


Mai Tai

“Simply the Best” is what the name of this drink means and we also get to learn about its origins in this concise and well edited video by Jason Crawley (What a lovely bow tie, huh?) Learn how to make “Simply the Best” Mai tais in your neighborhood over here:


Dark ‘N’ Stormy

Bermuda’s official drink is really easy to make! In this quick video published by Homemade Recipes Damian shows us how to make one in a few minutes. Grab pen and paper and get ready to take notes:


Whiskey, Whisky & Bourbon Cocktail Recipes:


As explained in this video, Austin Hartman’s Dad loves Manhattans; but it’s actually a popular drink among Moms too! Learn how to make one at home in this short clip published by Munchies


Old Fashioned

It doesn’t get much simpler than that. This easy to follow clip published by Cocktail Chemistry will show you how to make your own “Old Fashioned” at home:


Mint Julep

I had been curious about this one for years and now I finally know each single step required to make one. In particular, I liked how Jim shows you how to use a swizzle stick to make a mint julep around the second minute of the clip. Here’s the video published by BetterBookTV:


Irish Coffee

There are times when we all feel like getting a warm drink during a cold night, and drinking an Irish coffee is certainly a great way to warm up quickly. In this short video published by Food Farmer Earth. In particular, I liked how David Shenaut shared how she likes “flashing the glass” when making an Irish coffee to make sure the drink stays at the right temperature (it’s a great little trick!) Learn how to make your own at home right here:


Tequila Cocktail Recipes:


Classic or frozen? After watching this short vid by QVCtv you’ll know how to make both versions (they’re super easy!)



Want to feel peaceful like a flying dove? (that’s what “paloma” means in Spanish, “dove!”) This fun little tutorial by Hilah Cooking will show you how to make a quick, easy and authentic Paloma at home! Fly away!


Tequila Sunrise

This fun video by by Booze The Rocks shows how to make a simple and delicious Tequila Sunrise in less than 5 minutes:


Long Island Iced Tea

This one is not for the faint of heart. If you like strong drinks, then this Long Island Iced Tea recipe published by Thefoodcourt will give you a run for your money. Have fun!



Gin Cocktail Recipes:

Dry Martini

“It’s all about temperature with this drink” explains Andy Pearson at the beginning of this quick tutorial published by Waitrose Although it’s a simple drink, small details can make a big difference when making a classic. Learn the steps to make you own right here:


Tom Collins

Tim Philips makes a Tom Collins in this beautifully shot video published by World Class Drinks. Enjoy!:


Gin and Tonic

In this unpredictably fun and fast-paced video published by Jamie Oliver – Drinks, Simone Caporale uses his charming Italian accent to shows us how to make 33 different versions of the classic Gin & Tonic. My favorite variation is pomegranate and prosecco shown at 1:19 (I have to try that one at home. It looks fun and refreshing!) “blackberries & apple” is my second favorite version (I need to make sure I don’t try that one, it looks expensive!) Here’s the funniest cocktail recipe video you’ll watch this year. Fasten your seat belts!


French 75

Do you like romantic drinks? Then this recipe for a French 75 with Champagne explained by the lovely Shev and published by Jamie Oliver – Drinks will be just what you’ve been looking for:


Kahlua Cocktail Recipes:

Espresso Martinis

If you are a fan of coffee then you are going to love this drink. In this short clip published by Small Screen Drinks, Charlotte Voisey explains how to make a simple espresso martini. Enjoy your caffeine!



Do you like milkshakes? If you do, this quick video by Totally Sacha is just what you need to get ready for the summer. My favorite part of the video happens at 1:48 where we get to see Sacha’s lovely assistant. Take a look:


Black Russian

This recipe is super easy to make. This short clip published by DrinkLab Cocktail Recipes will show you the steps (it’s easier than you think!):


Kahlua Hot Chocolate

This cute video tutorial published by Sarah M. Park shows you how to make a sweet and delicious Kahlua Hot Chocolate drink (marshmallows included!)


and a few Exotic Extras…


Brazil’s national drink is easier to make than you think! You’ll get to learn how to make yours in this quick tutorial made by Distinguished Spirits


Bahama Mama

This is the last cocktail of the list and it’s a feisty one! In this clip created by MixologyMadeSimple you’ll get to learn the step by step instructions to make your own cocktails at home:

When it comes to celebrating special occasions what really matters is being together, and sometimes a good cocktail can be a perfect excuse to spend quality time together and cherish each other. If you enjoyed this list of cocktail recipes, please share it on Facebook with one click using the social buttons you’ll find right beneath these lines. Cheers!


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