5 Copper Wedding Decor Ideas for an Unforgettable Wedding


Copper has been a part of human civilization for thousands of years. When it comes to weddings, it has becomes one of the most popular decoration themes and it's easy to see why.

Why Should I Use a Copper Wedding Theme for my Special Day?

This lovely metal, or its color equivalent copper tones, is ideal for a wedding and it lends itself to so many decoration ideas. It's warm, sparkly, and metallic, so it can blend in while also adding a burst of personality without breaking the bank. Let's go over a few Copper Décor Ideas Weddings that may give you the inspiration you've been looking for:


1- Copper Cutlery and Utensils

How about switching traditional cutlery for copper utensils designed to work as copper table décor? They’re a sophisticated way to add a touch of color that’s also practical and stylish. You could use copper chargers under your regular plates for an added touch of elegance.

Copper cutlery and copper plates for weddings


2- Copper Bar Decor and Copper Ice Buckets

Beautiful copper barware decorations are an excellent opportunity to make a statement on a Wedding Day because after all, it’s a celebration and alcohol is an integral part of unforgettable wedding reception! Besides using copper accents and bar kits with copper accessories, using copper ice buckets is an easy way to extend copper décor all the way to your guests’ tables. Our copper ice buckets look beautiful at weddings! Take a look: Hammered Copper Ice Buckets



3- Copper Candleholders

There’s something so romantic about candles. Using Copper candle holders is an easy way to add an elegant and nostalgic hint of copper to your wedding décor to every table.

copper candle holder for wedding receptions


4- Centerpiece of Copper

Sleek, glossy, and simple copper vases are impossible to go wrong with, especially when you want to balance your Copper Wedding Decorations with something a bit more traditional. This look is both classic and trendy at the same time. Our Giant Copper Mugs can be used as beautiful centerpieces (and they also work as Moscow Mule Jugs!): Mega Mule Copper Mugs


5- Moscow Mule Mugs and Copper Glassware

Copper isn't the only trending topic these days; the Moscow Mule has been all over the place, and for good cause. The classic presentation of this refreshing trademark drink is in a lovely copper container. Our lovely set of 2 hammered copper mugs looks beautiful at weddings: Copper Mugs by LifestyleBanquet

What do you think about these copper theme wedding decor ideas? Which one is your favorite? Will you be including copper details in your wedding color palette? Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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